Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Welcome me

Its been a while since I have been thinking of Starting a blog, A space for me to shout in, with acceleration of life, work and worries, where stress has become an everyday challenge, then it became a routine, we actually reach a point that we want to shout about everything, but when we want to shout sometimes we find ourselves helpless, speechless to the point we pity ourselves, is it human nature to get accustomed to things we hate to the point we have nothing to say, or are we too stressed even to scream?.

The first thing that occur to our mind when we are in trouble is " life sucks, life is unfair, Why me?... etc" but this is a good sign, isn't it, if you don't hold on to life or if you don't love life and the whole idea of being alive, you wont be upset! ... would you?

well I decided to keep the blog's Name , but i wont Scream, I'll celebrate Every little small thing in life in it!