Sunday, December 25, 2011

The rise and fall of love ... Images by banksy

1- One person is living life minding his own business and adopting to all options of disappointments life can offer:

2- When out of the bloom he meets someone unexpected and in-awaited for, and wild dreams are built on ruins:
3- So to approach these dreams an age of modern slavery starts:

4- Although of a hard struggle there is still hope ... or fake hope ..well, It depends...

5-Life goes on and nothing much happens except the Guy is closing in to his target and change is about to happen:

6- Now that the mission impossible is almost accomplished, only few lose ends left, Somebody becomes a decision maker and decides to fly away:

7- The victim realizes the Big lie, understands all the unexplained strange things, and finally comes to the conclusion:

8- A mass destruction campaign starts where the killer makes sure that the victim has nothing to fight with , and the Mona Lisa smile finally makes sense:

9- Hopes and dreams are canceled:

10- And back to no. 1 Maybe 2, 3, 4 ... who knows!!!

P.S. This is a totally imaginary love story, in real life love doesn't just disappear, and people try to communicate.