Friday, August 6, 2010

People I have been

1- The shy kid who was attached to the teacher

2- The boy who broke all his toys while trying to "fix" them ... other things at home had there share of fixing as well.

3- After I ran out of toys I created a hobby of collecting empty cement sacks and burning them " I used to BBQ hot dogs on like that"

4- After I got caught by the guard, and he told my parents I got a hobby... that was tennis, and Joking

5- I became the slapped by reality boy!!!... or you can say a heavy metal fan... and my Jokes became better, plus in some parts reality can be a wonderful thing

6- I became the ambitious university student that worked hard to have a competitive value over other fresh graduates.

7- I was welcomed by reality , Hard work is a must, stress is something I got used to, No pain no gain so stand!... got bored of jokes so I started to make jokes that no one would understand

8- People around me got used to my jokes, so I made a blog and I'm going through a "9" phase...I hope shall end soon.

9- I became a filthy rich man ...but also a very modest person who loves charity work to avoid taxes... a man can only hope :) !!