Sunday, July 26, 2009

To Bid You Farewell!!!

In the last month and a half ;My Best friend Rami Came Back from the US. for a Visit, he did a really silly joke by surprising Me, it was a huge conspiracy , I hated him for doing that to me, and I will never forget it!

Most of the people Live and die without having a true friend , I Consider my self lucky with the friends I have, but once they are gone, I live in a huge Void of space, Just waiting for something to happen. I was really sad he left, but the great memory remains!

we volunteered to usher events, we even had dinner with Lena Chamamyan, A wonderful voice and character , played bowling, did stupid stuff and had our usual fights.

and this time was the time where we really had a blast, I'll miss seeing you bro, but I sure had the time of my life. there is another person I would like to thank for being in my life, however I'd rather do this in person.

Maybe some action is what has been missing from my life recently, and I am to bid another friend farewell too , Fadi; he doesn't know I know that yet, and I don't wanna tell him that, I figured that i stinck at goodbyes!

This post goes for all the Good people that leave fast.... cheers!!!

P.S. the name of the post is a song name by Opeth!

Friday, July 10, 2009

volunteer of the year

Living a life where career stress takes all you time and thinking, plus being a social person who like to have a good time, strange combination,I know but I found the perfect solution , the other day i went to Tareq Al Nasser concert at the roman Audiom , it was a great show indeed specially with the girl vocalists from tunisia and the amazing voice of Abu-Al sa3eed (who had the biggest applause i ever saw for a musician) and sahar khalifa .

After the concert I got an offer that I cannot refuse , It was to volunteer at Al-Balad Theater to help usher the events they have and make sure everything is okay.

The next day I was on the Audiom's door taking tickets and arranging seats, bringing ice, it was a lot of hard work but I enjoyed the shows as well, and the sense of achievement i got was incredible, I can't wait until the next event, I wonder what would it be!!!
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