Sunday, April 18, 2010

The solved contraversy of islamic identity!

This video doesn't speak of the glorious history of the Islamic nation-which no one denies- It reflects the current image of Islam... its about time for people to start thinking about what they are and not about what they were, It also shows that Islam has much in common with other religions.

Thanks for my friend Ashley who shared this video.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Day Squeaks away...

Suddenly A nice feminine voice goes "stars shining right above me ... night breezes seem to whisper you love me" I can see now, Another Day has begun...

After snoozing the nice alarm many times until it becomes really annoying I realize that I have to wake up , Now I remembered who I really am... Another working class hero, A little better than being another lonely broken one.

Up I sit and hear a squeak from the bed that will be abandoned soon, off for the daily morning routine, opening the bathroom's door signed by the long squeak, followed by other short discrete squeaks while opening the tap after I realized that I'm so sleepy that my eyes are squeaking.

Dressed and ready to conquer or found a way to convince myself so, I go out and press the elevator button to hear the elevator squeaking its way up with a slight jingling sound ... wishing it's Santa coming to rescue.

A taxi ride with no conversation takes place on the way, where me and the cab driver make a mutual agreement to act as if whatever that's running on the radio is more important than any other thing we might ever discuss.

A working day has begun, most of people aren't here yet, I turn on my computer and hear the far away beep of the monitor, prepare my morning coffee and do whatever it is they pay me to do!, I have today and today only to show them what I am made of ...the old mouse squeaks during the process as if it is a living mouse screaming for help.

Now its break time, I head with some friends to the nearby mini market, and then to the nearby garden bench.

Some strangers are sitting close to us, or are we the strangers?!, We talk about the same things we talked about yesterday and will talk about tomorrow... discussions based on broken dreams and the remaining high hopes, the garden bench squeaks us goodbye when the break time ends and we head back to work.

Work is over, I go home by bus, Taxi, Walking or I get a ride... it doesn't matter I just wanna be there, back to the welcome squeaks of the elevator and the discrete squeaks of the tap ... A daily phone call takes place, providing spiritual comfort, I go to bed, try to change the world in the dark jungles of my mind, and I hear a welcome back Squeak from my bed ... who am I?!!

The End
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