Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Spiritual Coffee Story!

Once my friend and I went to a Coffee House, we both ordered cappuccino to go, I noticed that he didn’t put any sugar in his cup when I told him to do so – I thought he forgot to do so!- he answered “ No…This is a spiritual Drink!!!

Let’s say that I have been inspired to write a post about coffee (Passive Voice), I did some thinking and research, and the strange fact was: “Coffee was initially used for spiritual reasons; it became the substitute beverage in spiritual practices where wine was forbidden

Imagine how Much less people would any of us know if it wasn’t for coffee, the photos below tell the story of a coffee bean …

Picture 1 (above) The white Coffee seeds are placed in soil until young coffee trees grow up then they are moved to land plantations.

Picture 2 (above) the young coffee trees are planted in plantations, notice that there are banana trees nearby , this is why Coffee planting countries are also famous for banana, coffee trees are planted in the shade of other trees

Picture 3 (Above) green coffee cherries grow ... don't they look inspiring???.

Picture 4 (Above) Now the cherries became nice,red, shining and Very tempting for gathering, I always wondered why when a fruit or a vegetable is ready to be picked it looks at its best!!!

picture 5 (Above) The gathering has started, the Joy of harvest and never mind the exhausting hard work.

Picture 6 (Above) the nice red shining cherries are peeled, each cherry has 2 coffee beans, can you imagine that this used to be done by Hand!

Picture 7 (above) coffee is processed, this takes huge amounts of water, in places were water is a limited resource a "Dry" method is used.

Picture 8 (Above) coffee beans are slowly roasted with constant motion so all beans are roasted equally , the amazing smell of coffee becomes noticeable , a nice brown color starts to taint the fresh beans , to have shiny beans with an amazing aroma!!!

Finally you can order you favorite coffee ... sit down and relax, each bean deserves to be enjoyed and respected!.

I hope that you won’t use the phrase “Just a cup” the next time you invite someone for Coffee maybe the word spiritual is more honest.

Adi Nashashibi

Sunday, September 20, 2009

In a time of Celebration!!!

In a time of Eid lots of memories come to mind, it make a man wonder how things changed in the last 10 or so years, I remember in my neighborhood how the first day of Eid was, it used to start with one person going to his next door neighbor to celebrate Eid, then both visit the next neighbor, and so on , there are around 100 houses in my neighbor hood, and the whole process to let everyone meet with everyone else took only 3 hours at the most , people even met on the streets while different groups are walking towards the next house it was really nice, simple and real.

Nowadays - And speaking for my self before anyone else- I went through a whole maze of virtual networks I did all the following:

1- I sent emails to all my contact wishing them a happy Eid.
2- I sent SMS's to most of my contacts on my mobile phone.
3- I set my facebook status to congratulate my friends.
4- I set my twitter to congratulate my followers for Eid.
5- I replied on threads and commented FB statuses for messages and statuses congratulations for Eid
6- I replied on message for those who I lost their numbers and sent messages to me so I had their numbers now.

all of this took hours and hours, we are all becoming broadcast centers, we are becoming too connected to meet , too arrogant to take the initiative to meet, and too social to spend a "God know how long I've been waiting for this" Vacation with the ones we really love, care about and cherish the most!. after listing all the points above I look and say " WHY???!!!" and the only answer th1at come to my mind is: Guilt, there is no more satisfying celebration more than being physically, Emotionally together, focused with each other.

Being a telecommunications engineer contradicts with what I'm saying...well no, Telecommunications is meant to ease people's lives in order to save time so we can be together more... am I right?

after all I wish everyone A happy Eid -- I know that was number 7 :) --

Monday, September 14, 2009

The six employees

I was on my way home with some of my colleagues at work when i talked about this, allouh convinced me to post it , hope you like it...

Working in Many places until now , dealing with all different types of people made me realize that employees come in only few categories, I hope I include them all,

1- Smart: the ones that are always right, this type is hated but respected at the same time, they are the most qualified to succeed but for some reason their career is a struggle against endless obstacles.

2- stupid: this is the type that everyone hate to work with, the very same type that you forget to send meeting request to or if they don't come to work, you don't even notice, they lack since of adventure, but they do exactly what they are asked to do! But they have to ask many questions of course!.

3- social: the nice people that like to help anyone that comes along, but when in need they are totally alone, the good relationship with everyone makes it hard for this type to complain about performance , they are usually mistaken as non-productive people, but they are good performing hard working and non-complaining employees, and they are usually under estimated.

4- Multi-personalities: this is the best type for success, the worst for companionship, these people are the one that yell at you one day for not saying good morning and thank you in a meeting for being too busy to say good morning, they are unpredictable people, not smart but mainly mood driven , I think they suffer from Multi-Personalities disorder or a hormones malfunction, these are the most dangerous!.

5- Cranky: what ever you do they wont be happy, nuthing makes them too angry and nothing makes them calm, they are always is a constant state of rage, so do whatever makes you happy!

6- Mysterious: these are the ones that come early, leave early and finish all their tasks, nobody know what do they do exactly or what skills do they have, people assume that they are arrogant but the issue is that they come to work only for the money, this type is qualified but not highly motivated.

However; an average employee is a mixture of all these six stereotypes, so in order to be normal you have to be smart and have 5 disorders... ironic isn't it :)

Adi Nashashibi

Monday, September 7, 2009

The philosophy of positive reality

Last weekend I had to give my dog away because no one could take care of him since I'm not around all the time, Absy (the dog's name) added some new action in my life and now he is gone.

That same night - Sad and alone - I went up to the roof had a moment with my self, I had a distant view of faraway lights of houses, when it popped to my mind... What about everyone else!!!???.

No matter how sad, poor or lonely you are; many people would love to be in your place because as we all see everyday that life is no picnic , its a harsh human crushing time consuming obstacle Machine, Maybe we don't Fight lions to survive , but we swim with invisible sharks every second, we are never out of reach and we cannot afford not to be available! (or we can't afford to be free!) but have to be thankful because it is our right and duty!.

I'm sure I'll miss Absy a lot and i regret that I had him for a year and never took pictures of him -I don't know why I did that - but I know for sure that I went down from that roof a slightly different person - Hopefully a better one - I hope you do as well !

Adi Nashashibi
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