Monday, November 30, 2009

Impossible is Something!!!

Yes; Impossible is something to admire, like and hate, impossible is wicked and it does exist, lets face it, Most of our dreams are impossible, and dreams are different than ambitions because they have the tendency to be possible!.

In the science of probability impossible is the event that has zero probability of happening, but this doesn't mean that the event does not exist!.

what happens in life is that we tend to put lower standards, less dreams and objectives that need much less efforts, we are lazy, we hate to work, we don't want to move a muscle and still we want to have all the attention, credit and love of the whole world.... well this is impossible!.

when we accomplish something that is impossible is that you change the concept or the environment of the event, Example : men can't fly... man created planes that fly, planes can carry men when they fly, but still man didn't fly".

Sadly one of the impossible events I have is to do the hobbies I used to do 2 years ago!.

and you what are your impossibles?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The never ending challenge!

There are those that stare up at the stars and those that build rocket ships ...Lee O'Shea

Everybody has his own Challenges, how we meet those challenges, Come over them, Turn around them or even enjoy them is what really set us apart, make us unique and give us sense of achievement (or failure).

I always thought that doing what I have to do is never worthy of acknowledgment, doing less that you are supposed to do is worthy of punishment, and doing more than you have to do is stupid!, although determining this exact amount is really controversial , well folks I hope you like my conclusion, I guess this is why they say in Arabic ( e3mal 5air o ermy bil ba7ar- do a good deed and forget about it).

The exact amount is the effort a person makes without feeling guilty when saying that he's done, with the condition of having the output of the work in its best possible way, this theory applies only for people with an "active conscious server" otherwise do whatever you have to do to stay out of trouble, and be on the good list ( The fastest way to move from the good list to the bad list is to explode!).

A challenge is a time related mission that has 2 types of outcomes and they are :

1-An accomplished mission: the mission is not necessarily self-initiated
2-A conclusion about rights and wrongs, this would help enhance the next similar mission.

But what if you have continuous challenges, what if you get used to having a challenge, what if you become one of those who would be informed that the world is falling apart and just thinks of a solution right away! I think this is where challenge has become a routine, stress became a welcomed friend and life has become much less interesting!.

This is what I thought before, the killer is having nothing to do -No Challenge- it is like having no purpose or direction, challenge is what makes us wake up in the morning accepting the fact that we are still alive and I am thankful for every challenge I have.

Hope you are up to your challenges :).

Adi nashshibi

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Suffering for music!!!

It was my Birthday last week , and as every year I got a flashback of the old days, this year the flashback was about the old music days, when I became 14 years old I was introduced to Nirvana, And ever since I became a rock/Metal Fan.

I lived in Irbid which is a small city in the north of Jordan, There wasn't much to do for a teenager there; Internet was the newest thing at that time, where only the rich can go to an internet cafe; and not everyone owned a computer!.

We used to buy tapes to listen to music, My dad Used to give me (3 JOD = 5$) every week as pocket money, a music tape was 1.5 JOD (not original of course).

there where only 3 music shops in Irbid, 2 of them had mostly pop music ( that was when Nsync was the biggest thing ever) and a little rock collection ( I had more rock tapes than they did), The Third was the real mind blower!.

At that time, Heavy metal music was an underground industry, everyone who likes rock music was thought to be satanic,and everyone had access to heavy metal music. It was hard to get any good music, except at what I'm going to call in this post "It".

It was a music shop with no name, and the biggest alphabetically ordered music tapes, the biggest collection ever, and right behind the counter there was a hard to see group of shelves where all the things I really wanted were kept... Anathema, Metallica, Slipknot, Haggard, Korn and many other great bands where listed there where no one can see them, and Since internet wasn't so accessible at the time, It was hard to know what's new, what's good and what's not, so here came Osama's turn.

Every Thursday I skipped the last class at school and walk for 20 minutes to reach It, If Osama (which is the name of the owner of It) had any customers and I want to ask him anything he looked at me and said "wait", When the customers are gone I could ask him about a band I heard about or about a musician I found Mentioned in Smash hits magazine since Metal hammer Magazine was also hard to find!.

He never gave me the Music I Wanted, he always gave me advice to take something else, explained to me the different types of Heavy Metal, made me listen to samples while he eats his small sized onion cream flavored pringles with mango juice ( a killer combination if you ask me!) and every tape I bought (which cost 50% of my weekly income at the time!) was a wonderful experience.

Osama started to open only on Wednesdays for few hours, then closed for ever, Few years ago, I found out that Osama owned a huge music store in the UK, and he went back there because he couldn't fit in!.

I am really Grateful for Him , I think a huge part of my personality developed this way because of the music I listened and still listen to.

Note: thanks to allouh who encouraged me to write about this.

Adi Nashashibi

Sunday, November 8, 2009

For those who died alone - by pentagram

We live, walk this earth struggle , spend all our lives searching for happiness and we are not Happy. The more aware, educated and intellectual we become, the more unsatisfied we are.

We fear death, and we search for a reason to die for!!!

Human.. that's what we are... a word that holds all the contradictions in it, we destroy to build, kill to live and live to destroy and build, most of us live and die with no cause other than greed, and those who die for a cause never get the acknowledgment unless after they die, the phrase "life is unfair" has become a fact, and facts have become so hard to find!.

I dedicate this song to all of those who died, dying or will die all " all of us die alone in the end" ... It is ironic how we make an endless effort while knowing that at the end we will be on our own!!!

I have listened to this speaking music all day today... and I can't have enough of it ...I hope it rings a bill for you...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Where the good times Go???

I know It has been a while folks, But I was busy being a working class hero... lots of tasks, allergy comes in handy whenever the weather changes, I had my share of anti histamines, I think I'm a great asset for the medical industry!!!.

early last week I had a job mission, there was a conference and our company was a software sponsor , and they thought of me as the person in front of the cannon ball, but It all went well.

The 2 days I spent were full of hard work, but I found myself with a lovely, easygoing and cooperative team, there were around 10 people, I thought I was the only outsider among them, but yesterday I realized, the maximum number of people who already knew each other was 3!!!, and the rest were just like me , it is amazing how harmonic the work was, how together we enjoyed the hardest moments, and how with each step we took we became closer to success in our mission!.

what I learned from this experience is : " if you know your task, you are good to go, you don't really need time to adapt!" .

I'll miss the team I worked with, but I wonder if I left a fingerprint in their lives during this short time!

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