Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An Actual Hopeful Day!

Woke up in the morning, hoping for a few extra minuets of serenity sleep that I can't afford wondering maybe one day will come where I won't feel like I was hit by a truck when the alarm goes off.

Racing to finish the morning routine, hoping to make it on time today, hoping for an easy ride to the place we go to in order to help us make dreams come true - not my own dream but they are dreams after all - ... as usual I arrived a few minuets later than I should because of some unexpected  - yet unfortunate - events.

Looking hard for a reason to smile, hoping a smile can make it a better beginning of the renewing challenge called "DAY", knowing that even if it happens I still cannot build high expectations on it, disappointment it a brutal hunter after all.

Going through the day, hoping for the best yet prepared for the worst, but knowing it will be "The usual" , a few friendly faces and voices make it a little bit easier, specially when knowing that I'm not the only one, and it is not easy to anyone.

Home sweet home, now it is time for preparing, eating, washing, connecting,checking, reading, commenting, pretending, making, drinking, practicing, seeing, talking, discussing, convincing, planing, deciding and forgetting which is the most common habit between most people.

Time to sleep, maybe some philosophical thinking, its just me myself and I now, and things seem a lot easier that they were during the day  "It will be fine, Tomorrow is the day where these hopes come true ... I hope".
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