Saturday, December 4, 2010

In the Dark

Have you ever wanted to recharge your mobile phone in complete darkness?!, feeling your way for the slim wire, recognizing the charger by feeling the tip?!. if you do that, stop for a moment and think after you do about how well you think of yourself for this accomplishment that most of us do.

Or have you ever felt something under your bed cover and carelessly you move it to hear the sound of a precious item hit the ground?, your glasses or watch maybe?!. Did you ever try to shut the alarm on a weekend morning that mistakenly went off and ended up spelling the half full cup of water on the side of your bed?!.

One incident I remember is that once in a cold night, trying to sleep, I just couldn't get the bed sheet to cover me properly, turning it around and around trying to figure the right way to put it, I found out that it will never work, the cover was folded!!!!

It happens, but it could not if we just thought of turning on the light, In a time where we are all invited to think out side the box, I invite you to make maximum usage of what's inside, we keep stumbling in the velvet darkness of our lives Ignoring that touch of enlightenment provided by those who tried before us!.


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