Friday, November 11, 2011

Nine Plans we never finish ...

We all want to have a blast in life, make use of our rarely free time, but we manage to fail in completing any optional thing we chose to do.

1- Have you ever Started to read a good book, and after the first few pages you stopped... few months later you start reading it again and stop exactly where you stopped the last time?... me too

2- Have you ever had an easy exam... a really easy one? and while answering the questions you just felt bored of writing so you left the last question half answered or you made it obvious to your professor that you know the answer but you are just sick of this exam?... me too if your answer was yes

3- Did you ever have a long Holiday, and you ad so many plans, actually too many to finish any, and you ended up really unhappy that you never did anything in you Holiday?... You too

4- Did ever Start cleaning you home, or at least washing dishes... there always this last small area to mop or dish to wash that seems impossible to do... I ate that burden!

5- Can you ever finish entertainment? we all sit around the TV until there nothing good to watch, we stay online until our connection is down, it is like an on going task that you have to do... I was like that, but once I changed this, I had more time to finish my unfinished plans!

6- How many time did you not finish the soda can you are drinking? maybe you didn't need it in the first place or maybe an average human doesn't willingly consume 330 ml of soda on each serving.

7- why is it impossible for us to attend a wedding until it ends? what is a wedding's end anyway? it is like the place where the train turns around ...

8- In every gathering, there is always someone who forgot something that made everyone else worry about how to manage without this thing but no one make a move!

9- There is always one thing in your car, house, or office that can be easily fixed but you can never do it..

If you have any other examples, please don't hesitate to contribute :)


  1. oh my God, ... reality-check 100% !!

  2. Thank you haitham and sorry for the late reply, I didn't think that there someone acttually still following my blog ... all respect

  3. I`m sure a lot of ppl read yr blog :)
    and no thanks needed my friend

  4. Hahaha...i can think of one at 3:30am!

    You know when there is something that you really have to get done...but you never do - not because you dont have the time, but because you are just being lazy and complacent? So you end up worrying about NOT doing whatever the thing is you are supposed to do for a much longer time than it would take to get the damned thing done!!


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