Sunday, August 4, 2013

Disappointing acheivments

Crowds of people in the streets, Mostly minors Celebrating their enormous success in passing High School examinations ... Pretending not to know that now they are one step closer to a choice between unemployment or a meaningless struggle to become something .. someday. 

Fireworks blowing in the sky pointing out where the wealthy live, and where someone who doesn't need to worry about a Job lives ... because daddy has already taken care of that, he also took care of the piles of driving tickets cause by improper use of a few by some "WOO- GIRLS" screaming desperately for the attention of their fathers ... or any father-like character they can get.

Lectures of observations and criticism about all that, apparently nobody has ever seen such vulgar display of joy ... followed by examples originating from "The Old Days" or " Other Countries"by the wisest cab drivers you can ever meet.

A mother giving Birth to an beautiful girl wondering what's coming next, and what will be in a time where a blood bath is being called "Spring",  killing children is called "Self Defense" and conquering countries is called "Democracy".

The only party that is not affected about all that is the "Money Party" those big fat money makers, who are making more and more money, each event is a chance to  fill those hungry pockets with more cash ... the drug of modernization, the only way mankind can buy things they don't need .

I am eager to see the look on the faces of those celebrating Chipmunks when they realize that their journey has just started, their struggle has just begun, and that there is no mercy out there!.

Maybe There is hope after all, maybe there is an actual spring, or maybe there will be a reason to celebrate in the near future ... but this traffic Jam by those party animals is really getting me pissed Off


  1. Welcome back

    You know us we have to reach upto the max in everything in our lives :)

    Ramadan Mubarak and Eid Mubarak :)

    1. Thank you whisper ... yeah it's been a while

      and I agree with you .. but when you are stuck in traffic ... you start getting bad ideas !

      Ramadan Kareem

  2. Welcome back.

    Actual spring, I don` know about that [any more]!

    Happy Eid wishes.

    1. Thanks Haitham , Happy Eid to you too , and there is always hope mate!

      That's all what we have.

      Happy Eid

  3. Traffic jams are the best for blog posts!

    And the biggest problem for any graduate these days is not only finding a job, but finding oneself in the job they find.


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